Our range

Our range

Our range

Our offer stands out by the diversity of our products for the many uses of our customer portfolio.

All our pulp is food contact certified. With our FSC® CW and PEFC® certified pulp offering, our customers can propose a range of FSC-Mix® and PEFC® certified products.

BHKP bleached hardwood kraft pulp

Made from a mix of hardwoods: poplar (30%), beech (25%), chestnut (33%) and oak (12%) 

Guarantees optimum homogeneity properties for printing and writing, hygiene and speciality papers

Excellent sheet forming capabilities for all grammage, even the highest. Good opacity and cleanliness.                                                                                                                        

BSKP bleached softwood kraft pulp

From softwoods, pine (85%), fir and spruce (15%)                                                                                          

Guarantees the strength required for printing and writing, hygiene and speciality papers

Optimum mechanical properties of the sheet with an excellent tear to break length ratio resulting in very good strength during sheet formation and processing.                                                 

UKP unbleached softwood kraft pulp

From coniferous softwood trees from South East France                                           

Guarantees the strength properties for packaging and speciality papers as well as the viscosity and cleanliness expected for fibre cement and other speciality applications.

Optimum mechanical characteristics to refining performance ratio for any application                                                          

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Located in France, our production sites easily ship their products to Europe and the rest of the world, in particular thanks to their geographical proximity to international seaports.

Our effective sales and logistics services, recognised by all our customers, are committed to delivering to you as quickly as possible and to providing you the technical expertise you need to use our pulp.

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