The bioproducts

The other bioproducts

Green electricity production

Using biomass and pulp production residues, the two Fibre Excellence mills produce a quantity of so-called green electricity, which allows them to be self-sufficient and to provide the national grid almost 230,000 MWh per year.


In 2021, Fibre Excellence supplied almost 230,000 MWh to the national grid.

Bark and sawdust become an energy source

The bark from the logs and the sawdust are burnt in each plant’s biomass boiler.
The generated steam feeds turbines that drive the alternators to produce electricity.

Black liquor reuse

During pulp production, the cellulose is separated from the water, lignin and hemicellulose: these residues are known as black liquor. This black liquor is concentrated and then incinerated at very high temperature in a boiler, known as a black liquor boiler, which provides double recovery. During incineration, the organic part of the black liquor is used to generate steam, whereas the mineral part is regenerated.


The steam generated by the two boilers (black liquor and biomass) supplies three turbines that drive the alternators to produce electricity. This is known as cogeneration.
The process allows the mill to be self-sufficient in energy and even to produce a surplus.

Surplus redistribution

The excess green electricity produced is fed into the national EDF grid. 

The other bioproducts


Turpentine is present in timber extractables. During the timber cooking, it is in the gas phase. These gases are condensed in several stages and a final settling separates the turpentine from the water.
Turpentine is used in fragrances for perfumery, cosmetics and detergents. 


Tall-oil is a liquid resin obtained by sulphuric acid treatment.
This liquid resin is a mixture of fatty and resin acids extracted from softwood black liquor release foams. These foams are called soap. 
Tall-oil is used in a wide range of industrial applications: from the production of adhesives and tyres to elastomers 

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