Fibre Excellence enviroFORESTERIE, a sustainable forest management

Fibre Excellence enviroFORESTERIE, a sustainable forest management

The search for excellence at the service of timber management

Located in the South of France, Fibre Excellence enviroFORESTERIE was created in 2012 with the objective of promoting private forests by including them in a forest management process.

Alongside the historical forestry development players (CRPF, Chambers of Agriculture, forestry syndicates, DDT, experts, cooperatives), the company supports all private forest owners by offering them forestry diagnoses, adapted forest management advice and a connection with regional forestry and harvesting professionals.

State-approved Professional Forestry Manager status


A recognised forest management professional

With 15 engineers and technicians and a Professional Forestry Manager status recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fibre Excellence enviroFORESTERIE supports and advises private forest owners in the sustainable management of their forests.

Owners already trust us

owners already trust us

Over 24,000 ha with
24,000 ha

Over 24,000 ha with
management support

15 professionals at the service of
15 professionals

at the service of
forest owners

130 simple
130 simple plans

of management approved by the public authorities

Every day, we work on:

La pérennité des ressources forestières

Sustainability of forestry resources

Supports the renewal of forests and their sustainable management, for example by carrying out thinning cuts that contribute to good forest vitality.

Le développement de l’économie locale

Development of the local economy

  • Advice when necessary to the forestry work and harvesting companies that will carry out the recommended management operations on the owners' plots.
  • Support for administrative formalities.
  • Access to forestry certifications (PEFC®, FSC®).

A player at the service of the regional forestry-timber sector

Fibre Excellence enviroFORESTERIE has a twofold objective:

Enviroforesterie, un acteur au service de la filière forêt-bois régionale

To contribute to the development of the regional sector:

  • To strengthen the forces promoting sustainable forest management.
  • To increase the surface area of privately owned forests with management documents (PSG, CBPS...).
  • To support the development of regional timber harvesting companies.

To guarantee a local and sustainable supply to Fibre Excellence mills.

Did you know?

Fibre Excellence enviroFORESTERIE is focused on innovation and the continuous improvement of its practices. It has a research and development department that works in a network with various research organisations, including the Forêt Cellulose Bois Ameublement (FCBA) technological institute.

The areas studied mainly concern forestry, forest harvesting and the use of forest biomass.

New technology transfers

Promotion and transfer of new technologies to the industry players and forest owners (forestry itineraries, genetic improvement of forest species, prospective climate change elements, ...).

New harvesting techniques

Testing of new harvesting equipment or techniques taking into account the respect of ecosystems and the improvement of operator safety.

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