Our commitments

Our commitments

Fibre Excellence is committed to the sustainable use of timber resources

Through its various entities, Fibre Excellence is permanently committed to the sustainable use of timber resources. 

Entretien et renouvellement des forêts

Forest maintenance and renewal

A network of over 500 forestry partners including the subsidiaries Fibre Excellence enviroFORESTERIE which supports sustainable forest management and Fibre Excellence SEBSO, which harvests timber responsibly.

Timber transport

A network of 300 transporters, including Fibre Excellence SEBSO, to transport the timber to its final processing location, developing low-carbon transport by train and barge.

Timber resource use

Fibre Excellence Group works on using timber resources to create:
- pulp for essential uses
- green energy
- green chemical components

A natural and renewable raw material

Fibre Excellence contributes to the maintenance and renewal of French forests, in particular through the use of timber from thinning operations. These latter are governed by the French Forestry Code and contribute to proper forestry industry cycles to guarantee forest renewal.

A responsible supply chain

Fibre Excellence uses a local, certified timber supply chain compliant with the international PEFC® and FSC® sustainable forest management standards. 90 % of the wood used by Fibre Excellence comes from French forests, the rest from European forests.

90% of the wood used by Fibre Excellence comes from French forests

Part of the supply is composed of local sawmill by-products, thus making the most of French forestry materials. The bark from the logs needed for pulp production is also used and burned in biomass boilers that provide thermal and electric energy from renewable sources. 

A committed player in the forestry ecosystem

Fibre Excellence supports French reforestation initiatives through sponsorship or direct support to forest owners committed to the renewal of their forests.

A threefold use of timber material

Timber bio-components are used to produce pulp. The timber residues from the production process are recycled into energy. Fibre Excellence is also exploring green chemicals from other wood components not used for pulp production.

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