Fibre Excellence PROVENCE

Fibre Excellence PROVENCE

The Fibre Excellence PROVENCE mill

Fibre Excellence PROVENCE mill produces around 250,000 tons of pulp per year, which is processed into many everyday products: hygiene products, packaging, filter paper, etc.

It employs over 250 people and generates over 5,000 indirect jobs in the region, particularly in industry and in the forestry sector. The mill therefore injects an additional 100 million euros into the local economy every year.

Located in Tarascon since 1951, the mill has been continually modernised to meet changing regulatory standards and improve its industrial processes.

Fibre Excellence PROVENCE only produces unbleached pulp, thereby minimising the use of chemicals.

Renewable timber resource at the heart of Fibre Excellence PROVENCE activity

A material with many uses and innovations
A sustainably managed resource that contributes to climate change mitigation

80 %
80 %

80 % of logs from forest thinning operations
20 % of related products from local sawmills

Location pictogram
250 km

A 250 km supply radius around the mill

Tree picto
Certified timber

Certified timber supply chain 

Pulp picto

Pulp production for everyday use

Power generation picto
Power generation

Energy production from paper by-products 

Green chemicals picto
Green chemicals

Production of green chemical bio-components

La ressource renouvelable bois au cœur de l’activité de Fibre Excellence PROVENCE
Réutilisation en cycle

Closed cycle reuse of essential production compounds

The black liquor left over from pulp production is concentrated and then burned at very high temperatures. During incineration, the organic part of the black liquor is used to generate steam, whereas the mineral part is regenerated.

Une valorisation des sous-produits tout au long du cycle de production.

By-product recycling throughout the production cycle

A biomass boiler is installed to recycle the bark not used in the pulp process (bark boiler).

Une usine engagée dans l’amélioration continue et sa qualité

Continuous commitment to improvement and quality

The mill obtained ISO 50001 certification in 2021, which was renewed in 2022. This is in addition to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications already obtained.

View the manufacturing process

A mill massively investing in the modernisation of its production tool


Between 2018 and 2020, the mill invested €22 million to improve its environmental performance.

In 2022, it plans to install a turbine to increase its capacity to produce electricity from biomass (green energy). This green energy will be recovered and fed into the grid.
This investment plan will continue over the coming years and make it possible for the mill to increase its production while maintaining product quality.

ISO certificates
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Fibre Excellence PROVENCE Brochure

Fibre Excellence PROVENCE
ZA, Chemin des Radoubs, 13150 Tarascon
Tel : 04 90 91 03 00

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